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Comprehensive Worldwide Travel Insurance

Travelinsure recommends the Covermore Comprehensive Policy to travellers who require a high level of travel insurance cover.” If you travel regularly  a Multi Trip policy will give you the best value for money. If you are unsure please contact us so that we can assist you in finding the best insurance coverage for your needs.


The Cover-More "Comprehensive" Travel Insurance
schedule of benefits is outlined below.

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"Comprehensive" Schedule Of Benefits

Benefit Limits

Benefit Summary of the feature/benefit International
Plan IB
Plan D
1 Overseas Medical
And Dental

Cover for overseas hospital, medical, surgical, nursing, ambulance and emergency dental expenses. Medical cover will not exceed 12 months from onset.

$Unlimited $Nil
2 Additional

Cover for additional accommodation and transportation expenses as a result of certain events including sickness, natural disasters, loss of travel documents and strikes.

$Unlimited $10,000
3 Amendment Or
Cancellation Costs

Cover, if due to unforeseen circumstances outside Your control Your
journey has to be re-arranged or cancelled e.g. illnesses, accidents, extreme weather conditions, exam re-sit or retrenchment.

Cover Chosen^
4 Luggage And
Travel Documents

Luggage – cover for loss, theft or damage. Travel documents – cover for replacement cost if lost or stolen. For luggage item limits, see page 12 of the PDS.

$12,000* $3,000*
  - Cameras & Video Cameras   $3,500 $300
  - Laptops & tablet computers   $3,000 $300
  - Other Items
  $500 $300
5 Delayed Luggage

Cover for the cost of essential emergency purchases overseas if all Your luggage is delayed by a transport provider. Delays of over 24 hours – up to $500. Delays of over 72 hours – up to $1,000.

$1,000 $Nil
6 Money

Cover for cash which is lost or stolen from Your person.

$200 $Nil
7 Rental Car
Insurance Excess

Cover for the excess You become liable to pay as a result of damage to, or theft of, a rental car.

$4,000* $4,000*
8 Travel Delay

Cover for additional accommodation expenses if Your scheduled transport is delayed over 6 hours.

$,2000 $750
9 Resumption Of

Cover for the cost to return overseas if You have to return to Australia early as a result of the ill-health of a relative or business partner in Australia.

$3,000 $Nil
10 Special

Covers additional costs to get You to a special event (as defined) if You would miss it due to unforeseen circumstances outside Your control.

$2,000 $2,000
11 Hospital

Covers the cost of miscellaneous expenses up to $50 per night if You are hospitalised overseas for at least 48 hours.

$8,000 $Nil
12 Hijacking

$1,000 for each 24 hour period You are forcibly detained on a hijacked public transport vehicle.

$8,000 $Nil
13 Loss Of Income

Benefit payable if, due to an injury sustained during Your journey, You are unable to work on Your return to Australia.

Up to $1,500
per month
Up to $250
per month
14 Disability

Benefit payable if, due to an injury sustained during Your journey, You suffer total loss of sight in one or both eyes or total loss of the use of a limb. Up to $10,000 per accompanied child.

$25,000+ $10,000|
15 Accidental Death Benefit payable (to Your estate) if You die due to an injury sustained during Your journey. Up to $1,000 per accompanied child. $25,000+ $10,000+
16 Personal Liability Cover for legal liability if Your negligent act or omission during the journey causes bodily injury or damage to property of other persons. $2,500,000 $200,000

^ Cover chosen applies per policy, see page 5.
* Additional cover available, see pages 8-9.
# You can choose $200, $400, $600, $800 or $1,500.
+ Maximum liability collectively for Sections 13, 14 and 15 is $25,000 on Plan I and $10,000 on Plan D.

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