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What to look out for in a Travel Insurance Policy?

When you are looking for a value for money travel insurance policy it isn't a bad idea to start with what the policy does not cover. The General Exclusions section which usually comes near the back of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) will give you a good idea of what is not covered.

It is also worth remembering that by law you are entitled to a full refund of your travel insurance premium if you cancel the policy within 15 days of purchase. At Travelinsure we will send you a hard copy by normal mail of the full PDS together with your Certificate of Insurance and Emergency Assistance Card within a day of purchasing the policy on-line through our website. This will give you every opportunity to assess if the policy you have purchased is the right one for you.

How do you find out how good the Travel Insurance you are purchasing really is?

It is true that you don't really find out how good a travel insurance policy is until you make a claim. The Testimonials on this website provide evidence of substance that Covermore Travel Insurance provides the required level of service at the crucial time. This includes a 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team who will assist you in getting the best medical advice and treatment as quickly as possible and ambulance transportation and repatriation to Australia if necessary.

Always make sure that the policy you are purchasing provides the level of cover you require through a reputable company. Don't be lured by a cheaper premium if cover is reduced in areas where you might need it. Please click here to link to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs website for further unbiased advice about travel insurance options for Australian residents.